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Electric Forklift Battery Savings

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If you are seriously looking to buy a new electric forklift battery then you should think twice unless your battery is very old such as over 10 years.  We will come out and check your electric forklift battery to see if it can actually be restore to at least 80% of new or not.  We are the battery restore specialize so that is all we do.  We can fix batteries that others say no to or cannot fix at all.  Our service is also entirely mobile.  So we come to you to restore your battery back to almost new at a fraction of the price of a new battery.  Especially if your electric forklift battery is lower than normal use there is a very high chance your battery can be restored back to a healthy working battery again which will save you thousands of dollars off a new battery cost.

Our Warranty

All batteries that we are able to restore to at least 80% of new or higher gets our 1 year warranty on the entire battery.

electric forklift battery
electric forklift batteries


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