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We Restored A Forklift Battery in Palm Springs CA

Forklift Batteries Restore recently worked on a forklift battery in the Palm Springs CA area. The company is named Affordable Shippers.  When we initially arrived to the business in Palm Springs the company complained about a strong sulfur smell that the battery had when using it.  It also was not lasting very longer when being used.

After analyzing the battery we determined that the entire battery was weak from sulfation and also much spilling of acid out of the forklift battery from over-filling it and then charging.  There was also one cell that was totally broken.  We ran our machine on the battery over the weekend and upon returned first thing Monday the battery was charged completely and we drilled out and replaced the one cell that could not be fixed.  Upon a completion of a load test after the cell replacement the battery was now passing the test with flying colors.  This company in Palm Springs California saved over half off a used already fixed industrial battery and paid only a quarter of the price of a new battery.  They also got a 1 year complete warranty.forklift battery palm springs


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