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Forklift Batteries Restore provides mobile forklift battery and industrial battery services. Yes we will come right to your facility and restore or repair your battery right on the spot. Even if there are cell changes required we do everything right at your warehouse.

What are the advantages of having everything done right on location? One is you everything that is happening with your battery. Also we don’t charge to come out and analyze your battery. Whereas most companies will come out and take your battery and test it offsite and they charge as much as a few hundred dollars for this which you have to pay whether the battery is repairable or not. These companies are most of the time just looking to sell you a new battery and then part out your old battery or fix it and resell it. So they make the most money if they sell you a new battery. Our interest is not in selling new batteries. In fact we don’t even sell any new batteries. Our business is restoration of the forklift batteries. Another advantage is that mobile industrial battery repair is usually faster than the other option. We can typically get you back up and running in a day or so. Whereas having your battery taken offsite can take multiple days or even a week or more.

After we analyze your battery with a discharge test and the decision has been made of whether we can fix it or not.  To start we run our desulfator condition charger on the battery that cleans the plates of any sulfation.  Most of the time weak cells in the forklift battery can be restored with this method.  After our machine is finished we adjust all the acids on the battery and do a final load test to determine if in fact all the cells have been fixed or not.  At that point we would determine if any of the cells need to be changed that might not be holding up.  Most of the times batteries we attempt to fix will restore without an cell changes.

So you can see before you ever buy a new battery if you want to help save the environment and save your company a load of money you should call Forklift Batteries Restore and at least see if your battery if recoverable before it goes off to the dump.  You owe it to yourself and the environment.


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