How Forklift Battery Repair Can Save You Money

The Benefits Of Repairing Your Forklift Battery

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There are many benefits of forklift battery repair.  First new batteries are so expensive.  And if your batteries is low use then its really hard to justify such a big expense.  Also if your battery is low use then there is a really good chance that your battery is actually repairable.

After our initial conversation we try to determine if your battery is fixable over the phone then we would come out and perform a test on it to see if its worth repairing or if your better off getting another battery such as an already repaired one.  But our goal is to repair your battery because that’s our main business.  A lot of places are actually looking to just sell you a new battery in which they require your old one as a core and then repair your old one and sell it for a huge profit.

Mobile Forklift Battery Repair

We are also mobile so yes we come to your place of business and never remove the battery from your place.  Even if it needs cell changes and so forth it is still all done on location.  This is great for you because you save the transport costs of such a large battery.  And you get to see the whole process yourself and what we are doing to your battery.  After your forklift battery is repaired and at least 80% of new is the only time we would charge you.  You also get a one year warranty on the whole battery.  Then we train you on how to help maintain your battery so that this doesn’t happen again.

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