Forklift Battery Repair in Oceanside CA

We would like to tell our customers about another forklift battery repair or restore we just performed in the Oceanside CA area. The company is called Cable Solutions. They called us wanting to see if we could do something with their 36 volt forklift battery.

When we arrived we learned that the battery had been run a great length of time with no water in it. The problem with this is that it allows the battery to sulfate or for the acid to stick to the plates. So we told them that we could for sure fix this industrial battery with no problems. We fixed it by running our machine on the battery for 2 days which removes all the acid from the plates and allows the battery to function normal again. After this we adjusted all of the acids from acid that had spilled in the past.

After we did a load test on it we saw that the forklift battery was almost like new again. To think the battery company had told them to replace their battery with a new one! We saved them thousands of dollars off a new battery price. We also did all the repairs right on their location in Oceanside CA area. So check out Forklift Batteries Restore and we will save you money or you pay us nothing.


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