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Looking for forklift batteries or industrial batteries?  If you are searching for a new, used, reconditioned or refurbished forklift battery then read along here before you go ahead and buy one.  Having your industrial batteries restored or repaired is the least expensive way to get your forklift going again.  And in these economically challenged times most companies are trying to save as much money as they can.  We have a very high success rate at restoring batteries.  In fact as many as 8 out of every 10 industrial batteries that we visit to test we are able to restore to at least 80% of a new battery.  And to top it off we give a 1 year warranty on all restorations.  You can save thousands of dollars on this service alone!

We specializes in mobile forklift battery repair, regeneration, reconditioning and maintenance. We also offer to most customers free travel and test of your industrial forklift battery to see if its recoverable.  If we think after our test that it can be restored and then in fact it does not come back to at least 80% of new then there will be no charge to you.  So really you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.  You will either have a good forklift battery or you pay nothing!


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