Forklift Batteries Maintenance

Forklift Batteries Maintenance Will Double Your Battery Life

You obviously invest so much for your forklift and to your forklift batteries. Your forklift would not function in a good way if your forklift batteries were not fully cared and maintained. If your forklift batteries lack the maintenance it needs, then it would suffer from a great discharge. Bear in mind it is expensive to buy new forklift batteries and it would cost you thousands. Well, if you want to save up more, then all you need to practice is forklift batteries maintenance. It would not take so much of your time, the moment you will get used to the steps of maintaining your forklift batteries; you can just do it as a part of your daily routines.

Save Money With Forklift Batteries Maintenance

Forklift batteries maintenance would be of great help on your part to save yourself from buying those expensive forklift batteries. Here are some simple things you need to bear in mind to maximize your forklift batteries maintenance. First, you should keep your terminals clean. Acids from the batteries corrode the terminals, this would give a messy look to your forklift batteries and it would greatly cause some premature discharge in your batteries. Basic forklift batteries maintenance includes cleaning the terminals with the use of baking soda. This should be done as needed or ideally, this should be done twice a year even in the absence of corrosions in your terminal.

Some Forklift Batteries Maintenance Tips

Second, do not charge to often. Just charge your forklift batteries as soon as it reaches the discharge rate completely. Moreover, please recharge the unit outside the vehicle; this is the standard for forklift batteries maintenance. Lastly, do not ever over drain your forklift batteries. When you use your forklift batteries over 80% that is also known as deep discharge may totally cause great damage to your forklift batteries. Have your forklift batteries maintenance today, to preserve more energy for your batteries and so that you get to experience a life long power of your forklift batteries.

Forklift Batteries Maintenance

forklift batteries maintenance


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